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Love is? Different people will give you different answers to the question as to what is love? But only you can answer that question for yourself. Prescient Priscilla writes a love horoscope every day for all star signs of the zodiac. Love horoscopes won’t bring you love all by themselves but you can glean some fabulous insights and advice from Prescient Priscilla’s love horoscopes every day. Looking for passion and romance and all things exciting in your life? Then don’t go forward blindly. Get the best love tips available, updated every day from Prescient Priscilla’s Daily Love Horoscopes.

Few would disagree that love is the highlight of many people’s lives. It is the summit of emotional joy.

But what exactly is it, this thing we call love?

One certain thing we can say about love is that it transforms the individual.
Love is truly vital for a full and happy life. The denial of love is the cruellest of blows.

Let’s look at this simply. Love is one half of a pair of emotions, its counterpart being hate. Seen in this context almost all would immediately, naturally and instinctually feel more attracted to the positive warmth of love as opposed to the negative coldness of hate.

Love then is clearly regarded as a good thing. It is an emotion to which we are drawn, a feeling for which we have a positive response and an experience which we revere, honour and endlessly seek. This last description, that of love being the object of our eternal quest is where the real heart of the matter lies.

Why is it that we are constantly in search of love? Some see this as being eternally in search of our ‘other half’.

The imagery here implies that we are merely one side of a broken object and that our happiness will not be complete until the remaining side is found, the two are reunited and only then shall all things be well.

And, if this is true, then it’s easy to see why we are constantly searching and in need of love. Without love we are not whole. Without love we are only half of what we really should be in the best of all possible worlds.

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